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Uptodown's Ubuntu section as a desktop background


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For some time now, Uptodown.com has offered your favorite Ubuntu programs ready to download from our download page, and has alerted you to the latest updates so that you don't miss anything involving the software designed to work with Linux's most popular distribution.

With Uptodown Ubuntu Desktop Wallpaper you can bring a piece of the section to your desktop and organize your desktop in a clean, simple space with your distribution's logos and your favorite download page's design.

With a simple design and pleasing colors, this background combines the best of two philosophies: the freedom of Ubuntu users and the service and availability of Uptodown to get what you want, when you want it.

Uptodown Ubuntu Desktop Wallpaper is available with 1280x1024 resolution and has bright, clean colors, ideal to design a simple and attractive desktop workspace.
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